Version 2.3 available now
     -Second Life enhancement
     -PC Game enhancement
         -Single/Multiple Shot option for            16 programmable keys
          (great for WOW)
current driver download

Learn more about Sandio 3D input and motion control
     Download Sandio 101
Sandio 3D Mouse ----- Your New Generation Input Device
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How to use in games
There is a example image for WOW~
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WOW Key mapping file download
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Beta-3 (including drivers for 3DS Max ,  AutoCAD,  Maya) is now available. 

Is input or motion control the weakest link in your 3D experience? Are you using 2D input devices for 3D applications like Google Earth,
Google SketchUp, Second Life, Google Lively and World of Warcraft
See how the Sandio 3D mouse can enhance your 3D experience:
    . In English                 . In Japanese
    . In Chinese                . In French
For the first time, you can move along and rotate about the x, y, z axes (forwards, backwards, sideways, pitch, yaw and roll) using only a mouse without having to use your keyboard or an on-screen 3D navigational tab (Google Earth)


For CES2008 A

For CES2008 B

For TGS 2007

For WOW Eng

For WOW 中文

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